Mutations Overview Activity

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 in Biology, Meiosis and Mutations

Target: Categorize mutations into the steps in interphase and meiosis.  Understand how these mutations can occur. How: 1. Categorize mutations with the use of images into the 3 Processes in which mutations can occur. 2.  Create a table with the following 4 headings: Mutation, Process, Explain Mutation, Draw Mutation Use the following processes for the […]

DNA Replication and Meiosis Mutations Model

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 in Biology, Meiosis and Mutations

Target:  Understand how various mutations occur during DNA replication and meiosis (crossing over & sorting). How:  Work through a model simulating no mutations, then simulate mutations.  Draw each mutation that is simulated. Content for simulations: When mutations occur: 1. DNA Replication copy errors (Interphase) a. base substitution (can result in silent mutation) b. insertion or […]

Mitosis, Meiosis, and Mutations Videos

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 in Biology, Meiosis and Mutations

Targets:  Distinguish amongst the many types of mutations, how they occur, and the result. How:  Watch videos by Amoeba Sisters and answer questions.  Models will be constructed. Assignment: mitosismeiosismutationsvideos  

Nondisjunction Disorders-model

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in Biology, Meiosis and Mutations

Target:  Demonstrate how nondisjunction disorders occur through the process of meiosis and fertilization. How:  Video and explain the Target by moving pipe cleaners  OR draw and explain the Target in writing. Details of the Target: Use pipe cleaners to demonstrate movement by explaining how 1 body cell becomes 4 sex cells. Demonstrate nondisjunction caused by an […]

Videos and Diagrams of Meiosis and Mutations

Posted on Dec 27, 2015 in Biology, Meiosis and Mutations

Target:  Distinguish between meiosis in males and females and understand how genetic variance occurs as a result of meiosis by recombination (crossing over) and sorting (chromosomes into separate sex cells).  Also, explain how mutations can occur during crossing over/recombination and sorting (nondisjunction). How:  Study the diagrams and videos below.   Meiosis to make Sperm Cells […]