Clay Planes and Directional Terms

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 in Anatomy & Physiology, directional terms/planes

Target:  Student will cut planes and use directional terms in 3 dimensional space. How:  Students will make clay people with the following organs:  eyes, brain, heart, lungs, and sternum.  With these clay people, students with make sections along the planes to open up the clay people and from the sections determine the relative directional terms.

Anatomical Position, Directional Terms, Planes

Posted on Jan 24, 2016 in Anatomy & Physiology, directional terms/planes

Targets:  Students will be able to demonstrate, recognize  and define anatomical position, given directional terms and given planes. How:  Study of the illustrations below, classroom physical movements and questions, sentence completion, and clay models that are cut into different sections via planes with directional terms labeled. Requirements for assessment 1. Anatomical position 2. Planes & […]