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Lauri Maurer
Welcome!  I have enjoyed putting this website together for Advanced Biology and Anatomy & Physiology students and parents at Olivet High School.  Sincerely, Mrs. Lauri Maurer
Check out the Interesting Links tab.


Question 1: I was absent on February 30, because I sprained my Adam’s Apple. How do I find out the schedule?
Answer 1: Click on the Lesson Plan tab and follow the link.

Question 2: I can’t find my favorite genetics assignment on the website, what should I do?
Answer 2: Open any tab and put the assignment name or key words in the search and enjoy genetics!

Question 3: How do I see all of the assignments in the Protein Synthesis unit?
Answer 3: Enter Protein Synthesis in the search and all assignments, helpful videos, articles and test objectives will display for the Protein Synthesis unit.

Question 4: What unit are we ambitiously studying?
Answer 4: Go to the lesson plan tab and click the link. Assignments have an abbreviated unit name, i.e. pop=population.

There are many resources under assignments to help in conceptual development. I hope you find this website, interesting, useful, and fun. maurerl@olivetschools.org